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Dr. Bartholomew Vereb, a practicing physician and psychiatrist, led the team that created Calmesta. The goal was to fill a distinct need for a safe and natural stress-reducing formula.

During his years of practice, Dr. Vereb heard countless patients tell him they wanted relief from stress, anxiety and depression, but were worried about taking prescription medications and dismayed that the kind of safe, natural relief they were looking for simply didn't exist. They wanted a true sense of calm but also wanted to keep the kind of razor sharp mind needed to make clear decisions and remain focused and alert. Dr. Vereb was determined to provide a solution and implemented the kind of exhaustive clinical study and research needed to create the unique and innovative formula that is Calmesta.

No ordinary health food supplement, and designed to create razor sharp peace of mind, Calmesta is more than just an anti-oxidant or ineffective "anti-stress" herb. It allows the user to thrive and make the best of every opportunity that comes their way. The active complex, Neuramine, is a very powerful natural formula that reduces stress and anxiety, improves mood, supports improved mental function, and optimizes performance.

The Science Behind Calmesta

Calmesta The incredible effectiveness of Calmesta comes from the proprietary Active Neuramine Complex. This is the first combination of ingredients specifically designed to address all aspects of the "Stress Diathesis Hypothesis." Diathesis is a medical term meaning that a person is more likely to suffer from a medical condition.

Stress Diathesis Hypothesis tells us that we biologically have a "limit" as to how much stress we can handle before we suffer a multiple undue, negative effects. Environmental stressors such as problems at work, a difficult boss, rocky relationships, divorce, or even illness and environmental toxins can overcome our natural ability to handle stress. Calmesta strengthens and restores these natural defenses by calming you and preventing you from becoming overwhelmed and distracted.

The parts of the brain responsible for the neurobiology of fear and worry are the amygdala, and the cortico-striatal-thalamic-cortical loops. The amygdala is almond-shaped and located near the hippocampus. Its job is to integrate information brought in by the senses and mind, then determine if a fear response (in the form of stress) is needed. The cortico-striatal-thalamic-cortical loops are also known as the "worry/obsession" loops. If they are not working properly or have to keep track of too many things, we become overwhelmed by worry.

Each of the ingredients in the Active Neuramine Complex found in Calmesta addresses one or more aspects of stress, fear, and worry in part by keeping the amygdala and the cortico-striatal-thalamic-cortical loops from sending a stressful response.

Overactive pathways, under-stimulated defense mechanisms, mitochondrial damage, and deficiency of neurotransmitters all contribute to the problem of stress. The unique synergy of Calmesta supports relaxation and clarity of mind in the short term. At the same time, Calmesta strengthens the resilience of the brain, and prevents anxiety, apprehensive expectations and catastrophic thinking.

Shown by extensive clinical research to be safe and free from side-effects, Calmesta helps you remain calm, composed and in control.

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Scientific studies have shown Calmesta's ability to relieve anxiety, depression, improve mood and bring about:

Clarity: Preventing stress from cluttering your mind, Calmesta improves your ability to make clear decisions and solve problems.

Confidence: By keeping you from feeling anxious and overwhelmed, this clinically-proven formula gives you the quiet confidence you need to take on the day.

Well-being: The sense of calm and composure brought on by this effective, new formula contributes to a strong sense of optimism and well-being.

Focus: By reducing stress, Calmesta helps you focus on your most important tasks by enhancing your brain’s ability to keep you calm, alert and attentive.

Improved memory: Safe and all-natural, Calmesta helps you remember even the smallest details and helps you stay prepared and organized, even when faced with difficult tasks.

The first physician-designed formula proven to dramatically decrease feelings of stress,nervous tension, unease, and worry.